Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

37. Газпромовое в инглише

This is great LJ cooperation: kobsev made Russian summary of the current plans for the "Altai" gas pipeline (finally made public by Gazprom-affiliated project developer ZAO Gyprospetsgaz), and I have used my weekend+evening to make a translation into English... And as a result we all will be able to call now for attention of UNESCO, as the Ukok Plateau is part of the Russian National Commitment...
English version of Gazprom plans for "Altai" pipeline is here: http://www.regnum.ru/english/771202.html

And if started in English - upload also the sacred Nairamdal mountain (photo from the plane Novosibirsk-Urumqi)... immediately remembered the sentences about "tunneling construction methods in extreme mountain conditions". Nice photo for Gazprom dwarves :-( indeed! Altitudes of ca. 4374 meters a.s.l. under the plane flying right over the RU-CN border!

Tags: Алтай * Altai, Горы * Mountains, Полезное для ООПТ * Useful for PAs, Политика серьёзно * Politics Serious, Призывы к действиям * Calls for Actions, Природа вообще * Nature General, Россия * Russia, Сибирь * Siberia, Фото мои * Photos My Own, Экономика ресурсов * Economics of Resour
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