Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

46. Krasnoyarsk!

OK, as promised – here is the short update on mostly business trip (and the idea of LJ is different from job mostly). Took Aeroflot flight (cheapest and convenient in terms of time, but rather uncompetitive with wealthy Krasair in terms of plane and service and overall… So Krasair mentally rules!

Anyway, in Krasnoyarsk on the 28th, just fresh in the frost of -25 -27 C, a walk in the city from the hotel “Krasnoyarsk”to the place of WWF-RU-Altai-Sayan office (Lenina 41) is an astonishing 15-min mix of looking at properly overdressed locals, plus blended city views (modern + old wooden), plus for me and Chimed – a trace of changes to the better that are rather obvious. Happy for Krasnoyarsk and its people – results of distant view…

OK. Rest for 2,5 days is 100% ++ job. Overall reflection – happy that we will be able go contribute in a very specific and good and desied/needed style to make protected areas system in Altai-Sayan wealthy + respected + helping others to prosper. Details a bit later on www.wwf.ru

So the private-only mix here is as usual – just some notes.
My Mongolian colleagues (plus Georg, WWF-Int Swiss German) today started from Krasnoyarsk to Ulanbaatar by train – absolutely envied their departure and still envy all the rest. Crossing the country by train is one of the greatest ways to learn what the country is!!! Made myself a serious commitment: in June should fly to Krasnoyarsk (team meeting), and then from there also go to UB by train. Just need it mentally and !!!

Aha. Krasnoyarsk is absolutely modern European in terms of Hi-Tech (f.e. my own USB crashed, had to buy new one, - real top-stuff here!; but also tapes, films etc. – just all that real profy use is available here in Krasnoyarsk, even best profy photo films!!! As I am temporarily back to own old Nikon friend from the digi-Nikon, have to switch back to good-quality films… Especially facing the coming two days of travels in Minusinsk-Shushenskoye-Usinsk… for nature and people (so much happy still that my job is both for nature and people).

There are real absolutely great chances to be part of the process, in which Krasnoyarsky krai will become a real absolute model for entire Russia and may be beyond in terms of proper wise + sustainable + absolutely MDG contributing developments of protected areas network… So so much greater that here the regional government has such great fantastic staff!!! If Krasnoyarsk attitude to nature spreads wider - we will have a most modern and sustainable heaven.

Ha-ha, SUSTAINABLE HEAVEN is just only heaven? Could the latter become unsustainable?

Luv to all of you who care,
Photos later,
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