March 25th, 2012


3194. Michaelmas Cay, Cairns, AU. I dreamed a dream, and the dream came true...

 As if it was not just for nothing - that on the way to AU I watched a documentary over Susan Boyle... Yes, real close friends know that swimming in the Great Barrier Reef was a childhood dream for me. From smth like 7/8 y.o. first, then in mid-school, then in the time I was developing as biologist. Had a strange question for myself today - what should you actually do when the 30plus-years dream just comes true?... Believe me, I am still thinking. There are still few also `same age`smaller dreams - but nothing couldn be really compared with GBR. Sure apart from snorkeling used the offered chance of real scuba diving. It was absolutely great!!! Regret the verb in fact / but we still have chances and thoughts to repeat GBR visiuts in two other places.

For the corals and fish have to wait for the underwater camera results, but the super-super-idea of going to this particular part of the reef - Michaelmas Cay (¨please google yourself for location now) is sure the birding passion as well. Thi is a national park and one of the top birds´breeding site in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

As for today the two cutest birds are Common and Black Noddies. Both common to abundant, both breed all the year round, very similar one to another... Common Noddy (Anous stolidus) has a shorter and thicker bill, BlackNoddy (Anous minutus) / longer and thinner. Hope you amnage to say one from another yourself.

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