April 1st, 2012


3199. Short update from the most wonderfull Daintree on life in general

Sitting in the shadow of lovely Red Mil House birdwatchers' paradise veranda with bins & camera... Third day here, with top birding around (though haven't seen Casuaries yet, but saw the Papuan Frogmouth this morning, see next post ;-)) Few photo's for you all.

Left also wonderful Cairns (photo above) on March, 30, - heading north via the inland highway via Mareeba & Mt.Molloy & Mossman - to the small Daintree village - at the Daintree river with tides, tropical forest, mangroves... and two species of crocs.

Many roads are still closed or under rescue/maintenance after the last rains and consequent landslides. With the very hot temperatures around - this lady has a very tough job!

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3201. Не сдержалась ;-)

В процессе написания предыдущего поста про птичек - прилетел богомол ;-) До сих пор сидит и какбэ молится, заняв место какбэ вебкамеры. Тропики однако!