October 1st, 2012


3338. Help needed! Small bird ID challenge!

The only possibility we´ve finally thought is the Arctic Warbler... When first seen on Friday afternoon - it looked more as a Flycatcher by behaviour, but we were both stupid not to pay enough attention. The bird happened to stay in our garden till Saturday (at least). Then we were both alert - but again thought it would be an easy ID. What looked first as a possibly young Red-breasted Red-breasted Flycatcher by behaviour - looks absolutely a Warbler! Little larger than Chifchaff (we have the latter here also), with well-visible light stripe across the eye, no white on the tail, tiny almost invisible stripe across the wing coverts... well, see yourself. I am bad in sounds - but Jan Jaap and his friend heard the call and also came up with the Arctic Warbler. And we both know well enough hat it is badly rare here in NL. Looked for it yesterday and today - so far not seen again.

Please, birders, what would you say? Possible Phylloscopus borealis? UPD. Seems we have to accept it was a strange Chiffchaff - despite even the most strange behavious and calls. But is has left our garden also ;-(((

И теперь то же самое по-русски и много фото этой птички.
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