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10. Книга про птичий грипп

В рабочую почту вдруг свалилось мало относящееся напрямую к работе, но явно полезное многим. И опять напоминает об орнитологическом в крови :-)

Итак, книгу на английском языке про птичий грипп Майкла Грегера (Michael Greger, USA) можно полностью прочесть онлайн или кажется даже сгрузить по ссылке: http://birdflubook.com/toc.php

Всё просканить нет времени, ясно что внимания больше именно территории США и азиатским очагам, а вот фрагменты попались интересные, например:

  • Following the SARS outbreak, the Chinese government reportedly confiscated more than 800,000 wild animals from the markets of Guangdong.
  • “I worry that too many policy leaders dance around this issue fearful that somehow they will either offend or frighten the public,” Osterholm said, answering critics who complain about his dire warnings. “Our job is not to upset people or to calm people. Our job is to tell the truth.”
  • Extensive sampling of Asian waterfowl in the years following the Hong Kong outbreak seems to have tracked H5N1 to a farmed goose outbreak in 1996, the year the number of waterfowl raised in China exceeded 2 billion birds. The virus seemed to have been playing a game of Duck, Duck, Goose…then Chicken.
  • Initially wild birds were victims—not vectors—of H5N1. In 2002, H5N1 started killing off waterfowl in Hong Kong’s nature parks. Thousands of bar-headed geese perished in China—up to 10% of the world’s population of the species. Professor Shortridge speculated that H5N1 might be capable of “ecocide,” wrecking the ecosystem by killing off wild bird species, creating a kind of global Silent Spring. But by early 2004, the virus was showing a trend of decreased pathogenicity in ducks, while remaining highly pathogenic in chickens and children. Forced into land-based poultry, H5N1 turned ferocious. When it next encountered waterfowl, the virus was devastating. But H5N1 gradually acquired the worst of both worlds, retaining its ability to harmlessly infect globe-trotting waterfowl while continuing to kill poultry and people.
Well, read yourself further if you are really interested !!!
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