Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

1499. From Groningen

So far can write online only in English - will solve it 2morrow. Reached home (in Groningen) at 16-30 - my Ma OK during the flight and in the car, much better than I feared, and even bravely climbed to the 3rd floor to check her bedroom (and inspected ours there as well curiously). In fact all the house and garden are kind of "assessed by mothers eyes". Seems satisfied (*I am grinning*). As I warned many real friends - these two weeks are mostly devoted to my Ma here - though I still have own workplans and even brought some work that was piling up iun Moscow. So far seems realistic and doable. In Groningen till June 10th.

E-mail is working, Russian MTS mobile off, but Dutch +31-6313-70XXX on all the time. Visits to odnoklassniki and here also OK.
Sorry for English in mostly Russian LJ environment! And sorry for just stupid update.
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