Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

1757. Не удержалась от комента на слова Расмуссена

В FaceBook у меня совершенно иной круг общения - и я там общаюсь на английском и с другими, нежели в ЖЖ или в российских соц.сетях. В фаворитах там - закладка на блог Расмуссена. Вот и сегодня посмотрела прямую речь об отношениях НАТО с Россией - и не удержалась, оставила свой личный комент.

Right words for Your position, Sir, on Russia. But as I am Russian myself (but also with the living permit in the Netherlands for my hubby is Dutch) I still ask a question, of whether you as the owner of a cozy house want to make a deal with those who think of the ways for potential treachery? By making the deal with those now that rule in Russia - you confirm they are legitimate. They are not - at least to my understanding of what is the meaning of democracy in NATO countries.
Besides, You say - N.Korea and Iran are a challenge - but Russia trades arms to them! And just recently also made a sweet loan to Chavez to build up his arms forces as well.
I do agree - there is a need that Russia develops good relationships with NATO and maybe even enters NATO if invited in future. But I think it would be a shame on NATO to do it with Putin-Medvedev-Sechin regime.
Will actually re-post your video in my blog with this very comment.
Tags: Мысли вслух вообще * Just thinking, Политика серьёзно * Politics Serious, Россия * Russia
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