Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

2217. From Amsterdam on VlaIvanna and NatalIvanna... they were supposed to fly tonight to Moscow...

This is only for real friends / update in English as there is no Cyrillics in the hotel PC.

So far the airport - www.schiphol.nl and the www.klm.nl websites give the information that till 1400 there are no flights. Their flight at 20.45 is not yet listed as cancelled, but so far as unknown. At the same time the air space over Germany seems to be closed till 8.00 20th April. And one can hardly fly to Russia not flying over Germany.

For the time being decision is that the ladies will stay for one extra night here in the hotel and I will be checking flight info regularly, but if nothing is clear till tomorrow I think I would suggest one of the two options - (1) that their departure is re-booked till say 24th April and we then go to Groningen and they stay with us for few more days, or (2) we try to find an option together with KLM for an alternative transport. At last we can drive them to eastern Poland - but cannot do it to Moscow as Jan Jaap does not have visa.

ValIvanna and NatalIvanna are both OK. Sure I do not do anything than being with them now in Amsterdam, as it is so much shit ash. Pity nobody can put in a tampax into the volcano...

UPD 21 Apr 01:38 (am)... Both are flying. Finally after lots of waiting (photos tomorrow). After I got the message they are on the plane - I then went to Groningen by train. Managed to sleep (and probably even to snore) in the train, and then to fall off the bike - hand badly wounded ;-(, and even to visit the hospital for an emergency - X-ray+bandage. Mobile killed to zero - but anyway the ladies are still flying.
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