Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

2250. Total shit with encoding...

Is it only in my LJ that all Cyrillics went into total mess and seems to be irreparable? Leave it till tomorrow morning to solve... Seems here I see some Cyrillics - but the page stays in abrakadabra - and changing page encoding (which is normally automatic) does not help. WTF?
UPD - Aha, this is mega-challenge as I see from comments. OK, see you all in the morning or later tomorrow as we hopefully go in the morning to Den Helder to find the White Sea bird ourself...
UPD2. Meanwhile thought of smbd thinking: "Somebody placed smth metal today on my way? Somebody aplauded Yuri Shevchuk? Want more democracy here in RU-zone? Get the revenge folks...". Hope it is just my funny joking.
UPD3... Ahaha so funny comments on this in ru_politics...BTW in proper Cyrillics! OK, sleep well folks!

UPD4. 22:48 CET - all back to normal. Провокацию отменили. Но белочки насторожились...
Tags: Мысли вслух вообще * Just thinking, Технологичное полезное * Tech Handy
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