Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

23. Vacations starts - so far not really

OK, since 14th I start to believe that my vacation started, although Friday 15th had to spend to travel 2,5 to + 2,5 back hours to Zeist from Groningen. New WWF-Netherlands Eco-Panda-House looks fantastic: no internal heating (annual convection plus stored heat from visitors), only FSC wood, solar panels on the roof etc. etc. Daily excursions from all caring for eco-buildings... 
Tags: Нидерланды * The Netherlands, Поездки * Travel, Полезное для ООПТ * Useful for PAs, Технологичное полезное * Tech Handy, Экодом * Ecohouse
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