Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

24. Воскресенье...

Well, that is what we did on Sunday 17th... Eemshaven - where also the famous nature conservation boat "De Harder" stays, and where at low tide oysters banks are exposed. Surprisingly - people are allowed to collect oysters (although none except us was collecting). Also suprisingly - Oystercatchers (= мои любимые кулики-сороки) do not eat Oysters at all as these are too large and too think compared to their beloved mussels. TOMORROW REAL VACARIONS START: go for 5 days to http://www.terschelling.nl
Will report later...
Tags: Дом(а) * House & family, Кулинарное * Cuisine, Нидерланды * The Netherlands
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