Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

3191. Few reflections of Hong Kong

Short story in English and flow of photo's – from Hong Kong now.

Finally after nine hours of flight that started at 13-55 of March 20 from Amsterdam – we landed at about 7 local time in the morning of 21st March in Hong Kong. Next flight is only at ca. midnight tonight, thus a lot of time to recover. After some hesitation and several attempts to settle a reasonable deal elsewhere – made the most simple choice to rent a room in the Regal Airport Hotel (four plus stars ;-( thus expensive), and LB+FB stayed to sleep and recover – and we decided first, after shower, to try a visit to the city.

Though Hong Kong is a region of China – they are very special and in amny things independent. Thus, they have their own HK dollars (1 Euro is ca. 10 HK$). The airport is huge – it looked especially empty in the morning, but was crowded but still with enormous space at ca. 15.00 when we came back from the city.

All tourist-friendly, most guest-friendly in the best Asian manners, and also very cooperative in the city itself. We just decided to go to the old streets of China-town at Kowloon station – and without the help of some very UK-style local would not have realised – that the city if fit for going by taxi and trains and buses – but it is hardly possible to walk. Thus – did the train to the Kowloon – and then the taxi to the park and some central streets.

Hong Kong looks as the most fantastic combination of modern technologies and super-modern construction – and a lot of old small-scale private businesses, shops, cafe's, herbs and medicinal stores... And lots of expensive gadgets, jewelry, top-fashion shops etc. And it grows to 120+ floor buildings towards the sky, - and also at least for -6 levels down into the ground. In fact larger part of the airport and the city is built on the land reclaimed from the sea.

Certainly tasted local Chinese quisine – that is what we always like, to go just to the place that is very crowded but only with locals.

And at ca. 15.00 – came back to wake up Lidy en Frejo, to take a short nap ourselve, and finally now – go to have a snack and further to the airport again ;-)

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