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3196. From Cairns and around - two mammal stories ;-)

Two short impression-sharing today; just finished our daily bird species list (so far 63 in total, 43 new, – after 3+ days modest birding). But today – tell you two stories on the mammals. On Flying Foxes and on my other childhood dream – the Koala.

According to the book the only fruit bat we have here is a Spectacled Flying Fox pteropus conspicillatus. That is how one hook in the city with the trees they use to roost during the day looks like. Believe me – they are very noisy, but very clean. No dropping shit under the trees...

Some close-ups. Lively mammals, believe me. Passers by gave more attention to us rather than to usual fruit bats ;-)

But I was more in another dream-thing today. My dear school friend eczz might remember (and our biology school teacher Val Ivanna remembers for sure) – that when she gave a task to us at zoology lesson for a report on a mammal – I did a lovely Koala story. Even remember still that the photo's were taken the from the most read «Юный Натуралист» (Russian magazine for young naturalists). Thus cannot resits today the opportunity to “Cuddle a Koala”. Seems I looked a bit stupid – it is more for kids and youngsters, and I am quite a fat old lady now ;-)) – but believe me, 6-year old Koala female I had in my hands, her name is Tam (Tammy), - smelled really as a sleeping child smells... Will tell you later more – but the earnings from this strange cuddling photo-fun goes in fact for conservation of rainforests and koala habitat conservation as well.

This is one of the others in a usual sleepy mood.

Well, even if we see them in nature (that would be !!!) / sure no chance to smell the cozy smell...

Despite 13 new bird species for today – it is still a Koala day for me.

Meanwhile also visited the big bird garden  - an aviary  that I usually avoid, but this time went in. Free fliers under the very high net - something like 7 meters high - but still they are not free. This clever blue-and-yellow Ara guy first played with umbrellas, but then happily chewed one of the locks of my photo-backpack ;-)

We all four look forward for tomorrow plans. Try to wake up at 6.00 and to rent for half a day a little boat to explore the mangroves.

BTW.: Uploaded to Facebook during the day a great photo of the Barron Falls – using the Aussie mobile upload That I finally arranged for (to be shared) in my Russian mobile. And now upload Koala cuddling pic as the FB profile photo ;-) for Aussie stories.

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