Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

3198. Few shots from today driving around Cairns

Another 10+ species of birds added to the list despite the fact that most superb birding places are closed for one or the other reason. Cattana Wetlands and Mareeba Wetlands - closed because of the road conditions (roads flooded or the sites totally flooded), and the two croc farms closed just because in this season visits of tourists, even of self-capable birdwatchers, bring absolutely no income but only pain-in-the-ass. Tried to reach one nice wetland beyond the mountain ridge - and again got stuck on the way because the heavy rains in the previous 1+ days (Monday raining, Tuesday partly - but all three last nights with heavy rains) - caused severe landslides, and the roads affected would be cleaned up only by the coming weekend, work in progress now.

Some of the open roads are still flooded & impassable, at least for us (that's not us, we go two new bird species at this river - but had to turn back).

As a result ended up in an aboriginal community. Did not talk at all to locals (well, nobody in the museum, and for people in the street qe had no intention to impose any unwanted interest). Noted that it is a dry community - no alco sold, very minimal restrictions for what you can bring just for yourself. Restrictions in force within the 10 km distance from the settlement. Also very special note on flora & fauna & soil. But we took only photos (and none - of people), and noted that they like dogs here a lot. And they like have very good jaws ;-) reminding of african fighting ones... Brr...

Surroundings of Cairns also well-known for sugar cain agriculture history, and when we came to lunch in a small Gordonvale town restaurant - it looked to us a bit of the live tribute to the traditions. Lovely monument with mosaic is to the first cane growers in this region.

That's the general view of one of the cane areas - will  try to tell you more coming days.

Hm, smth totally different - fromn the morning birding around Cairns Botanical Garden: this is the flower of one of the many gingers. Regret I missed a lot in botany ;-)

And yet another different - the first mangrove settlers ;-)

You would be laughing, but one of the new species for today is the Australian Pied Oystercatcher ;-)

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