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3202. Short life memo from a remote Mt. Carbine local pub and nearby

We were based since 2nd April in the top birding place - Kingfisher Park Birdwatching Lodge - but the birdwatching stories I'll be telling here later and in different styles for the Russian and international audience. Thus just please be patient and see the following post with SOME birding highlights. And first I write some more general notes - thus cannot resist from a short story on the 30-minutes stay in the (for us) one of the so far most remote corners we visited, i.e. The Mount Carbine Pub & Motel. I am surprised to see now they are also on the web - here.

That's the terrace where guests staying overnight can relax (if doable viewing the road ;-). Frejo peeked in one of the rooms - and resumed altogether that this is an accomodation from the very Australian Westerns films ;-))

Pub section is most spectacular. Local trophies, top-history photo shots, memorial artefacts... Every piece can be enthusiastically told about by the place & pub owner.

Initially it was a miners pub - set up in 1956 to help people relax from heavy mining labour. Coming days they would be the same important - the mine (for tungsten / wolfram) - is reopened and even the jobs are advertised along the road.

And at the same time it is a sort of mini-museum and visitors center - with one coffee you get a good overview of the local history highlights, some update on what is on recently, local sure get some local gossips and local funny stories of the latest week.

For eaxmple - these are the boots of Dale the electrician (below) - who has never managed to restore the power to the fans as he just "went" down through the obviously rusty roof, and nobody wants to climb the roof since then. According to the piub owner - when Dale's boots were hanging and he was stuck in the hole - he still managed to ask for a cup uf tea to be served upstairs right from the hole.

That's two of us enjoying the owners short stories about the things in this pub.

New for me: wild boars are indeed a problem here. Introduced long ago - and now prospering and strongly managed. I was even surprised first to see a wild boar pate in the Daintree shop - but seeing all the tracks wild boars leave in the forest, even at the top nature reserve Mt. Lewis - I clarly see that nature has a problem here with man-induced other nature.

The pub was established iun 1956. In 1958 the memorial 6+ meters croc was killed nearby in the river. They also keep photos of memorial super-large snake, drawings and sketches of the pub at that time, some lovely photos of the former owners and local stars...

This is something totally different. In KFP we stayed in the always preffered self-catered accomodation (two bedrooms, hall & living room, terrace, kitchen with everything needed, WC & shower). But the shops to buy food were in ca. 50 km distance - either Mareeba or Mossman. We went to the latter - and tried to lunch in a lovely historical place. No way, no lunch, sent to a top locality where there would be a "good lunch for the foreigners".

And this was the Mossman Bowl Club - where we even had to register to have lunch! Sure drinks come first...

And that's a smart Aussie system: when you order you get a device with a number. I've explored what it is: a short-distance pager. When your food is ready the lady at the counter presses the button with your number - and you get a thrill and lots of blinking from this blue thing. Grappig - said the three Dutch. Забавно - добавила я. ;-)

And this is the Master of the fish farm that fed us for two days (sure we paid). But we found them when driving around for birds - and bought superb great shrimps for the evening2 and barramundi for evening 3 meals. They buy fry (analogue of smolt from salmon) and feed / raise them to the commerial size - see two the Master has just cleaned.

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