Lena Lebedeva-Hooft (lenaswan) wrote,
Lena Lebedeva-Hooft

3373. Dokkum. Gorgeous to remember, regretfully just seconds ;-)

Facebook friends уже может и видели (продолжу sorry на англ., суть по-русски ниже) - took a short video while in Dokkum yesterday with friends - and then realised I cannot do much with the video settings directly posted from Nokia Lumia mobile to FB. Thus re-made it now using YouTube upload from mobile... Meanwhile a photo - to remember great friends!

At least two-in-one - not only the canal in Dokkum, but also the most famous carillon.


Just not to repeat again elsewhere - these were great moments to remember these days. Jan Jaap, my hubby I'm blessed with (JJ re-confirms he is also blessed we are together) - JJ also laughs that if I like, almost love, a person - I then quickly acquire the little daily habits of a person (words, tone of voice, intonations, little jokes etc.). And JJ laughs I indeed did so again!

JJ was cheerful to note that this time I have acquired bits of Wendy!!

What I really regret - that I would never be able to get even a close immitation match of the greatest ever seen positive smile, and not a fake/imposed one but real-real-real, - that one that Wendy has. Unbelievable - just one good tough person, being so good super-positive, smiling drive! And the open positive smile turns to be a family feature!

Кратенько уж перерасскажу. Друзьям кто тоже знает Венди - ну вы ж точно согласные - что вообще улыбается человек радостным позитивом. И мужжж такой же. Мужья наши два вечера болтали о своём - мы решили что о том как они могли бы готовить нам белых куропаток. А когда мы друзей уже проводили - Ян тоже заметил - что угу, есть секунды - явно, впитав, копируешь какие-то жесты столь тобой любимой Венди.

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